Electronics For Kids Summer Camp



A fun four day activity camp for kids age 8-12 (6-7 with parents) to learn amazing things about electricity. Camp days include hands-on activities that explore different types of circuits, how magnets and electricity are related, how batteries work, and some fun electronic activities. Participants get to keep all activity hand-outs and the electronic supplies for more fun at home. 


Each of four camp days goes from 10AM to Noon
Day 1 - Tuesday, June 27 - Basics of Circuits
Day 2 - Wednesday, June 28 - Magnets and Electricity
Day 3 - Thursday, June 29 - Create a Battery
Day 4 - Friday, June 30 - Electronic Playtime!


In the Carpenter Room at the Medford Library
205 S. Central, Medford OR 97501


$100.00 Full four days, total of eight hours, take-home supplies included.
$80.00 Add a lab partner who will share your supplies for the full four days.
$35.00 Come for one day, take home supplies included. 
$25.00 Add a lab partner who will share your supplies for one day. 


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Organized by David Hartkop