David Hartkop

I'm a technology designer and digital filmmaker living in southern Oregon. I have held some interesting jobs throughout the years, including library technology trainer, starting a solar-powered coffee roastery, inventing 3D display technology, manufacturing 3D printers, and creating animated sequences for music videos. 

You can check out my Animation & Illustration Reel here or on YouTube:

Scroll down this page to view commercial spots and short videos that I have produced. Please feel free to contact me through my website at this link: Contact David Hartkop. I will get a 'ping' on my phone if you write, and I will write back !

-David Hartkop
Idea Propulsion Systems


Animation & Illustration Reel for David Hartkop, 2017

Crowdfund campaign video for the Ready RepRap DIY 3-D Printer, 2017

Crowdfund campaign video for Espheric, spherical capture drone, 2017

Commercial spot for the kickoff concert for PCCLD's 2014 All Pueblo Reads program.

Commercial spot for Solar Roast Coffee

Commercial spot for the Pueblo City-County Library District's 2014 Summer Reading Program.
Uploaded by PuebloLibrary on 2013-10-18.
An afternoon of spray and fun at the Rawlings Library. Recorded on August 10 as part of the 2014 Summer Reading Program.

Crowdfund campaign video for the Mini Metal Maker 3D metal clay printer.

Learn how to use the Mini Metal Maker metal clay 3d printer to create 3d metal objects based on a hand drawn image.
Short video presenting the Mini Metal Maker, a small 3D printer that prints in actual metal using metal clay technology.