Create Your Own Ready RepRap 3D Printer

Create Your Own Ready RepRap 3D Printer


Build a large delta style 3D printer from readily available parts and open source software for under $300.

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Though there is a wealth of information online related to constructing 3D printers from scratch, much of it requires an expert understanding in order implement. This book helps to smooth the learning curve by taking you through each and every step with pictures, diagrams, and descriptions. Also included are plenty of links to other resources for those who wish to explore further.

This project is an excellent launching-off point into many current technology and STEM education related topics. These include microcontrollers, electronics, robotics, software coding, 3D modeling, 3D printing, open source technology, and the process of creating something that works.

Completion of this project is not always easy, but the rewards are many and there's plenty of fun to be had along the way!

-David Hartkop, Idea Propulsion Systems